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My name is Ethan Brooke and I am a New Zealander that is currently studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. I am approaching my second year living in Seoul and I am expecting to live here until my graduation in 2020.

As a foreigner living and experiencing Seoul for the first time I have a lot of things to share. I created this blog for two reasons, to share my photography and to write about my experiences. By following my blog you can expect to hear all about Korea while also seeing beautiful and unique photos from the country.

Like many people, I came to Korea attracted by its increasing global presence. I don’t remember exactly when I decided I wanted to move to Seoul, but it was soon after I started watching documentaries about what life in Korea was like. I started learning Korean and I decided that I wouldn’t go to university in New Zealand – I was going to make it to Korea somehow.

Life here isn’t perfect, in fact it is far from it. However, I wouldn’t trade my experiences here for anything. I still love life here, and I have found that for me, the positives are far greater than the negatives.

I made this blog because I wanted to share my honest experiences. I found it really hard to find information about the true Korea, as it seems that most blogs focus on the same kinds of aspects. My intention with this blog it to provide a place that people can learn about aspects of Korea that can’t be learnt elsewhere.

While there are a lot of travel blogs out there, I found that there really aren’t many comprehensive blogs (in English) from Seoul. I want to assist in filling that gap while also sharing photos from my journeys!

If you would like to contact me I can be contacted via email at Ethan@seoulinspired.com.


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