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  • Gochangeup Fortress

    Being an Expat Woman in Korea

    This is a guest post written by Gabriela Penelope Carolus, a South African woman living in South Korea. More information on her, along with her social links are included at the end of the post. Several foreigners who work and study in Korea seek a form of community. A sense of belonging regardless of nationality, sexuality or religious affiliation without discrimination. Some people are seeking advice, a space to vent, or comradery in a safe space. Online public forums offer an ideal location to speak freely about living in Korea. Expat Women in Korea (i.e. EWIK) offer a public platform to discuss “the lived experience” of being a woman in Korea.…

  • Student Housing in Seoul

    Seoul student housing!

    Seoul was recently named the 8th most expensive city in the world to live in, and with skyrocketing costs it can be hard to image studying here as a student. But cheap student housing may be easier than you think! Housing in Seoul is either very cheap or very expensive depending on where you are from. For me, it was incredibly cheap, but I have heard so many people complain about how expensive it is. This really surprised me! In Seoul, one-room apartments can be found for as cheap as 300,000KRW a month. That’s 75,000 ($75) per week! However, whether or not you think it is cheap there are a…

  • Watching for business!

    Top Locations for Shopping in Seoul!

    Many people who come to Seoul explore only the shopping hotspots – Myeongdong, Gangnam, and Dongdaemun. While these places are all great (well, maybe not Gangnam), they are far from the best places to shop. Not only will they charge (sometimes big) premiums, but you will also have to fight with the crowds. Don’t believe me? On average 1 million shoppers pass through Myeongdong in any single day! Shopping in Seoul doesn’t have to be painful though. Here is my list of the best places in Seoul to shop. Clothes Shopping! A customer gets some clothes tailored at Namdaemun. This may seem contrary to what I just said above, but…

  • DSC3898 1140x641 - 12 Things Korea Does Best!

    12 Things Korea Does Best!

    Every country is famous for some things, whether good or bad. Korea is, of course, no exception. I thought long and hard about this list, and while there are lots of points that I could have included, I felt that these 12 points where the most famous aspects of Korea that are done better here than anywhere else. These are 12 things Korea does best! Image Source 1) Cafes Korea has a cafe culture that is famous all around the world. Have you ever heard of a raccoon cafe? Have you even considered its existence before? How about board game cafes? Well, Korea has both. There is a vast variety…

  • DSC 0593 1140x677 - Lotte Tower and Lotte World!

    Lotte Tower and Lotte World!

    The Lotte Tower complex in Jamsil is one of the more interesting places in Seoul. With attractions varying from the best view in Korea, to an indoor theme park, there’s a lot to see and do here. Lotte Tower (롯데월드타워) is the tallest building in the OECD, coming in at 555 metres tall. Only 4 buildings in the whole world surpass the height of Lotte Tower, and this makes it a place with an amazing view. The tower is located in Jamsil, Seoul, and contains a mall (롯데월드몰), an aquarium (롯데월드 아쿠아리움), a sky deck, and a whole host of other attractions. Further, it is right next to Lotte World…

  • Seoul Grand Park

    The Best Perks of Living in Korea!

    It’s easy to search Google and find out lots of information about living in Korea. You can figure out what places you want to visit, how much it will cost you to live here, and what the culture is like. But there are so many small things that are often overlooked. With that thinking, I decided I wanted to make a post on the perks of living in South Korea. The small things you may or may not know, but things that you will really appreciate. I couldn’t write this post by myself though. I came up with about two perks and then my brain just froze! So I decided…

  • DSC4131 1140x642 - Bargaining in Korean Markets!

    Bargaining in Korean Markets!

    It has been a few weeks since my last post and I apologise for my recent absence. I have been busy trying to work on my photography and social media accounts. Along with that, I have had exams to deal with. However, now all of that is over and I have a large build-up of ideas and content to post!  In these past few weeks, I have visited Namdaemun Camera Market an almost excessive amount of times. I wanted to purchase a new camera (but didn’t in the end) and found myself in a variety of different stores bargaining with the sellers. While I didn’t end up purchasing a new…

  • Distant stream

    Must do Summer Activities in Seoul!

    Summer is finally here, and I can’t say how glad I am that it is! Summer can feel quite extreme in Korea, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some cities. Seoul is lucky though as the temperature usually only reaches 35 degrees. However, this means it is the perfect time for outdoor activities! Be careful to check the weather before you make plans though, as it can be quite wet on some days. This list will be made up of outdoor activities, as I believe that these are the best things to do in Seoul at this time. So with that… Let me get the list started! Hanuel Garden (하늘공원)…

  • Lotte Tower from Eungbongsan

    Eungbongsan (응봉산) – The Best Views in Seoul.

    This article has a short background story. If you would like to skip this and go straight to the post, please click the link: Click here to skip to the article I go on photography trips often. I usually try to head out once or twice a week to take night photos. It’s one of the biggest benefits of photography for me, it makes me explore, it makes me experience. I honestly can’t imagine ever visiting places like 응봉산 if it wasn’t for photography. The other day I had my biggest photography success yet. My friend approached me on Instagram and asked if it was okay to share some of my…


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