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  • Han River Traffic

    A Photographic Journey Along the Han River.

    Sometimes I go out with the intention of taking informative photos. Photos that will be helpful for visitors and photos that help explain my writing. However, the other day I needed some new photos for Instagram and I thought that the Han River (more specifically, Yeouido) was the perfect place. I asked my friend if he wanted to visit with me, and to my excitement, he agreed. The river is amazing at night and I took a lot of photos, some of which I want to share. I labelled this post as a ‘photographic’ journey, rather than a normal post. But what does this mean? I want to try to show the…

  • Namdaemun

    Best Market in Seoul? Namdaemun Market!

    Namdaemun Market is the largest market in Korea and sells a large variety of different goods. Established in 1964, it is still going strong over 50 years later! Namdaemun is open from 11 pm – 5 pm (5 pm the next day, the market runs through the night. Info from here). The market sells nearly anything you could want, and everything from clothes to stationary to cameras, is sold here.   The market is located near Hoehyeon station (line 4, near Seoul Station). Taking different exits will lead you to different parts of the market. Exits 6 and 7 are usually the best exits to get straight into the market.…

  • Lush Shores of Seongbuk Cheon

    Seoul Streams – Summer in Seoul

    It feels like mere weeks ago I was writing about how spring was finally here! Now, just weeks later, I am sitting here writing about how summer has finally come. This year’s cherry blossom season was rather short, and it feels like there hasn’t been a big downtime between that and summer. While the temperature isn’t quite 35 degrees yet, it is nearing the top of the ‘comfortable weather’ spectrum.     With all of that said, today I decided to finally get out my skateboard and go on a proper adventure. Many streams twist through the city, and the one closest to my home is 성북천 (Seongbuk River). This…

  • Ferry 1140x628 - The Most Picturesque City on Earth!

    The Most Picturesque City on Earth!

    Many people have heard of Seoul. Most people know where it is, some famous aspects of it and have maybe even seen some pictures of it. But I feel like most people don’t know much about it further than basic facts, and I know that most people haven’t seen how beautiful it really is. Through my blog, I have been trying to show what Seoul has to offer, from reused highways to stunning mountains such as Naksan and Bukhansan. However, my blog has two main purposes. One of these is obvious, blogging! The other is photography. I have been combining these two aspects to create blogs, but today I want…

  • 16 2 1140x746 - Seoul's Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

    Seoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

    One of Seoul’s newest, biggest, and most beautiful attractions is Seoullo 7017. Originally a highway, the structure was found to be dangerous and engineers deemed it unsafe for use after 2015. The plan was to destroy the highway, however, when the new mayor was elected, the plan was changed to instead ‘renovate’ the highway. The number 7017 represents the year on which the highway was created (1970), and the year it was turned into Seoullo 7017, 2017. You can enter the structure from many different locations, with different staircases and ramps leading up from the streets below. Once on the actual structure, there is an amazing view to behold. The…

  • DSC3989 1140x649 - Cat Cafes - Crazy Cats!

    Cat Cafes – Crazy Cats!

    Seoul is known for many things, super fast internet, efficient public transport, vast amounts of culture and tradition… But it isn’t known as the city of cats, something that I have come to associate with Seoul more often than not. What do I mean exactly? Well, the city is full of stray cats, they are nearly everywhere. Indeed, it is certainly more than I have ever seen in a city. But not only this, there are also tens (if not hundreds) of cat cafes scattered around Seoul, places that are popular for residents to go and visit and get their weekly dose of animal time. By now you might think…

  • 6 2 1140x760 - Bukhansan, Nature Within the City!

    Bukhansan, Nature Within the City!

    Forenote: This adventure took place over a year ago, but I want to share it because it was a unique and fun time. These photos were taken on that trip, on my phone and therefore aren’t the best quality. We went in winter, in summer Bukhansan is actually quite warm and nice. It definitely won’t have snow if you visit in any season other than winter. Seoul is known by many as a massive metropolis of a city, an uber-modern city that doesn’t have room, nor allow for nature. However, for anyone that has that opinion, it can be quite wrong. Seoul has lots of mountains and natural areas within…

  • 1 5 1140x760 - The Best Beach in Korea?

    The Best Beach in Korea?

    I’ve visited a few beaches in Korea, but I have always been quite underwhelmed by the experience and beauty of them. Whether muddy or overly crowded there has always been something that put me off enough to make me not want to visit again (although admittedly I have only been to beaches within a few hours of Seoul). Enter Sokcho! Sokcho is arguably the nicest beach (in my opinion it is the nicest!) within day-trip reach of Seoul. It is about two and a half hours away and costs about $40 for a round trip on the bus. The buses are very comfortable (Korea does transport the best out of…

  • Gangnam backstreets

    Gangnam’s Style!

    Everyone has heard of Gangnam district (and if you say you haven’t you’re lying!) due to a certain song that is quite infamous. However, once you get there you forget about the song, Gangnam is cool in its own unique way… For other reasons! Gangnam is famous for being one of the most expensive places to live in Seoul. Many large companies have headquarters here, and it’s famous for shopping and activities (and the nightlife!). In Gangnam you can find pretty much any type of activity or restaurant that you could want, it’s all there! Gangnam Street The backstreets aren’t the skyscrapers that you expect to see here, but rather they are…


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