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    Becoming a Better Photographer

    As a photographer, there are two questions I get asked more than anything else. ‘How do I become a professional photographer?’, and ‘how do I become a better photographer?’. I still don’t feel like I am a good person to answer the former, however, I have some experience with the latter. That experience is what I would like to share with you today. If you are reading this post then you have already taken the first step towards becoming a better photographer. Being interested in photography is the first step. Maybe this sounds obvious, but please bare with me… It isn’t always. If you want to improve your photography then…

  • DSC8130 1140x641 - What Seoul Means to Me

    What Seoul Means to Me

    My name is Ethan Brooke and I am a New Zealander (Kiwi!) who has lived in Seoul for just under two years now. Before I came to Seoul I liked to take photos, Seoul made me want to become a photographer. Seoul has always amazed me with just how big, fast, lively, and beautiful it is. Inspiration comes differently for everyone. For me, my biggest inspiration was, and still is Seoul. It is this place that has inspired me to take more and better photos. I want to be able to share Seoul and let everyone know about how beautiful it is. This is what Seoul means to me. Seoul –…

  • Dongho Bridge View

    Beautiful Bridges of Seoul

    The Han River is famous for flowing right through the centre of Seoul. Being nearly 1km wide though, that can cause some problems. 28 Bridges currently bridge (get it?) the gap between the north and the south of the river. Some of the bridges are famous for their beauty – bridges like Banpo and Hangang Bridge. While others are just… Bridges and nothing more. These are the bridges of Seoul! However, one thing that nearly all of the bridges of Seoul have in common is that they have some amazing views. Last night I visited Mapo bridge (near Yeouido) with a friend to take some photos. With the Han being…

  • Namsan Tower Sunset

    N Seoul Tower – One of the Best Views in Seoul?

    When you search for the best views in Seoul there are a few places that I am sure you have encountered more than a few times. The Han River, Lotte Tower, and Namsan Tower (also called N Seoul Tower). Each one of these locations is famous for its view and is popular because of it. I’m sure you’ve seen countless photos from these locations, but here I am today to share some more! While Namsan Tower is definitely one of the most well-known views in Seoul it is also one of the best. I guess that’s why it’s famous after all. But while N Seoul Tower may be a cliched…

  • DSC 0593 1140x677 - Lotte Tower and Lotte World!

    Lotte Tower and Lotte World!

    The Lotte Tower complex in Jamsil is one of the more interesting places in Seoul. With attractions varying from the best view in Korea, to an indoor theme park, there’s a lot to see and do here. Lotte Tower (롯데월드타워) is the tallest building in the OECD, coming in at 555 metres tall. Only 4 buildings in the whole world surpass the height of Lotte Tower, and this makes it a place with an amazing view. The tower is located in Jamsil, Seoul, and contains a mall (롯데월드몰), an aquarium (롯데월드 아쿠아리움), a sky deck, and a whole host of other attractions. Further, it is right next to Lotte World…

  • Gireum 1140x641 - How to Take Amazing Night Photos!

    How to Take Amazing Night Photos!

    Foreword This article is different from the blogs that I normally post. This site is a combination of my hobbies of blogging and photography, and as such, I am writing this article. I am working on a more efficient sorting system which will allow me to sort these posts better in the future. I would like to have a ‘blog’ section along with a ‘photography’ section. Right now I am still working on getting it working, but look forward to it! I am writing this post because lots of people comment on my night photography and ask how I can take such photos so (seemingly) easily and regularly. However, for…

  • DSC4131 1140x642 - Bargaining in Korean Markets!

    Bargaining in Korean Markets!

    It has been a few weeks since my last post and I apologise for my recent absence. I have been busy trying to work on my photography and social media accounts. Along with that, I have had exams to deal with. However, now all of that is over and I have a large build-up of ideas and content to post!  In these past few weeks, I have visited Namdaemun Camera Market an almost excessive amount of times. I wanted to purchase a new camera (but didn’t in the end) and found myself in a variety of different stores bargaining with the sellers. While I didn’t end up purchasing a new…

  • Han River Traffic

    A Photographic Journey Along the Han River.

    Sometimes I go out with the intention of taking informative photos. Photos that will be helpful for visitors and photos that help explain my writing. However, the other day I needed some new photos for Instagram and I thought that the Han River (more specifically, Yeouido) was the perfect place. I asked my friend if he wanted to visit with me, and to my excitement, he agreed. The river is amazing at night and I took a lot of photos, some of which I want to share. I labelled this post as a ‘photographic’ journey, rather than a normal post. But what does this mean? I want to try to show the…

  • Ferry 1140x628 - The Most Picturesque City on Earth!

    The Most Picturesque City on Earth!

    Many people have heard of Seoul. Most people know where it is, some famous aspects of it and have maybe even seen some pictures of it. But I feel like most people don’t know much about it further than basic facts, and I know that most people haven’t seen how beautiful it really is. Through my blog, I have been trying to show what Seoul has to offer, from reused highways to stunning mountains such as Naksan and Bukhansan. However, my blog has two main purposes. One of these is obvious, blogging! The other is photography. I have been combining these two aspects to create blogs, but today I want…


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