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Exploring at 1am!

Exceptional boredom and a want to always be trying to do something useful drives me to do some interesting things at times. Tonight I had a totally random theory that I wanted to prove. This is one of my many adventures exploring Seoul!

I have a ‘secret’ path from my home to university. While it may not really be secret, it is a place known by few, and used by even fewer. People are often scared to explore. I don’t know why, but they find their routine and they never change it. Maybe they think this road will lead to X destination, but they never test it. Especially if you have to walk!

I was always sort of the opposite though… I love exploring, and Seoul is quite the intricate yet messy maze to explore. I’ve managed to find paths and views that amaze me. Tonight that happened!

Mysterious Streets!


I had this slight suspicion last time I saw this path that it might be a shortcut home, but sadly I was in a rush at the time. I swore to come back though! And I did. Turns out it is a shortcut! It may look a little dodgy or shady, but these unique places are by far my favourite.

Seoul is known for impressive technology and skyscapers, and while that is true, it isn’t all of Seoul. A city with 25 million people has poor areas, rich areas, old areas, and new areas. I like the old ones!

Never before have I seen fire extinguishers on the street! I think I should be thankful I have a good natural sense of direction. I’ve never been lost in Seoul, but I think it would be a very panicked feeling!. Especially in areas like this at night…

In many respects, Seoul is a city that never sleeps. But there are definitely some areas (such as this area) that do. Honestly, I was quite surprised at how silent it was here, there was no-one at all. I am still thrilled by all the cool new places I discover! I can’t wait to find more! If you are given the chance, I would definitely recommend exploring Seoul or for that matter, wherever you live!

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