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Must do Summer Activities in Seoul!

Summer is finally here, and I can’t say how glad I am that it is! Summer can feel quite extreme in Korea, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees in some cities. Seoul is lucky though as the temperature usually only reaches 35 degrees. However, this means it is the perfect time for outdoor activities! Be careful to check the weather before you make plans though, as it can be quite wet on some days.

This list will be made up of outdoor activities, as I believe that these are the best things to do in Seoul at this time. So with that… Let me get the list started!

Hanuel Garden (하늘공원)


Hanuel garden is one of the many gardens located at World Cup Park. The area is right next to the Han River and is made up of many different gardens. Hanuel (the sky garden), is one of these many gardens, but also arguably the most beautiful. A short walk is required to reach the top of the hill (hence the name ‘sky garden’), but the walk is up a paved road that is well maintained. Even if you aren’t interested in seeing Hanuel, I would still highly recommend visiting World Cup Park as it is stunning in summer. Further, its location right next to the Han River means that you can get to see the most stunning views!

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Ansan (안산)

(This image isn’t actually from Ansan, but from a location close by).

I accidentally visited this mountain late last summer, but it was a happy accidental event. The mountain is a little out of the way (it’s a little distance from any train station), but the trip is well worth it. The walk isn’t difficult, it is a mountain only by name. The tracks are usually not too crowded and this means that it is easy to enjoy the atmosphere while walking. There are a few convenience stores close by if you decide you want an ice-cream or cold drink (I did!), and this makes it perfect for a summer outing.

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Yeouido (여의도)


Who could have possibly guessed that I would add this to the list? Yeouido is probably the most famous location on this list. Famous for being a popular picnic location, it is usually very crowded in summer. Don’t let that stop you from visiting though! The river is beautiful at all times of the year, and Yeouido is one of the most enjoyable locations along the river to enjoy it. It is easy to order food here, or you can take your own, meaning that it really is the ideal location to chill out on a hot summers day.

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Bukhansan Mountain (북한산)


Bukhansan is probably the most famous mountain in South Korea. It is located in Seoul and has an atmosphere unique to that of everywhere else in Korea. When I visited for the first time I was so surprised at the amount of Buddhist influence on the mountain… It was everywhere really. But it was a very cool experience, something that I haven’t felt anywhere else in Korea. The mountain has many different walks, ranging in difficulty and length, making it perfect for anyone. I would recommend the walk to the top for the amazing view. However, it isn’t essential for having a good time at bukhansan.

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Seongbukcheon/Chonggyecheon (성북천/청계천)


There are a few of these little streams, spread out all around the city. These are the two that I normally visit, although I believe the others are very similar. These little streams are usually filled with nature and they make pleasant places to visit for a walk, bike-ride, water-fight, or anything really! Many of them have small waterparks which attract lots of families and children, making them a lot of fun to visit. It can be hard to find nature in the city, but these streams provide a nice oasis within the concrete jungle (are there even oasis’s in jungles…?)

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There are a few places that I would like to add, but didn’t get time to write about here. These include Seoullo 7017, Namdaemun Market, and Naksan. If you are interested in these places please feel free to click on the links and check them out!

This concludes my list of summer activities in Seoul. There are a lot of different and fun activities, but these are my personal favourites. If there is anything you would like to add, please comment down below!

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