• DSC3825 500x330 - Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

    Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

    As with everything, there are a lot of totally mediocre and average cafes out there. Very few are surprising or even astounding, but today I went to one such cafe! Flower cafes are a common type of cafe in Seoul as there often isn’t as much nature outdoors that can be seen easily. There especially aren’t many places you can…

  • Alleys in Seoul

    Skateboarding the Streets of Seoul!

    Since I moved to Seoul I’ve felt a bit lifeless at times. City life seemed to have gotten to me, and I felt the need to have some active and fun activity that I could do regularly. I thought for a while, and skateboarding seemed like the best balance of fun and function. In the end I decided to get…

  • 1 3 500x330 - Hanuel Park Adventure!

    Hanuel Park Adventure!

    World Cup Stadium subway stop is famous in Seoul for being a great place for outdoor activities. It is surrounded by a plethora of different parks, each one unique in its own way. The parks range from lake parks, all the way to sky gardens. Hanuel garden is situated on top of a massive hill, that offers views of the entire…

  • 1 2 500x330 - The Most Eerie Place in the World! Korean DMZ

    The Most Eerie Place in the World! Korean DMZ

    Eerie. If I had to describe this place in one word, eerie is the word I would use. The first thing you notice is the deafening silence… Deafening except for the patriotic North Korean music coming across the border. This was my second time visiting the border, but these thoughts still struck me instantly as I stepped outside of the…

  • 3 1 500x330 - Exploring at 1am!

    Exploring at 1am!

    Exceptional boredom and a want to always be trying to do something useful drives me to do some interesting things at times. Tonight I had a totally random theory that I wanted to prove. This is one of my many adventures exploring Seoul! I have a ‘secret’ path from my home to university. While it may not really be secret,…

  • 1 500x330 - Namsan Tower, Seoul's Heart!

    Namsan Tower, Seoul’s Heart!

    I wanted to use a pun relating to Namsan being the s(e)oul of Seoul. Sadly though, it seems a little old and cliched by now. I distinctly remember using it many, many times last year, so I thought better than to use it again. But if you ever need a pun about Seoul… Well, there are quite a few easy…

  • cherry blossoms in seoul

    Spring Has Come to Korea!

    It seems like it was barely a month ago that it was snowing… Oh wait, it did snow less than a month ago… Anyway, since then the weather has become rapidly warmer and now every day usually hovers around 20 degrees (Celsius!). This is probably the best time of the year as it won’t be long before it becomes too…

  • Gangnam backstreets

    Gangnam’s Style!

    Everyone has heard of Gangnam district (and if you say you haven’t you’re lying!) due to a certain song that is quite infamous. However, once you get there you forget about the song, Gangnam is cool in its own unique way… For other reasons! Gangnam is famous for being one of the most expensive places to live in Seoul. Many large companies…

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