cherry blossoms in seoul
Seoul,  Spring

Spring Has Come to Korea!

It seems like it was barely a month ago that it was snowing… Oh wait, it did snow less than a month ago… Anyway, since then the weather has become rapidly warmer and now every day usually hovers around 20 degrees (Celsius!). This is probably the best time of the year as it won’t be long before it becomes too hot and everyone is begging for the cold weather to come back! But besides the weather, there are also some other beautiful things happening in Korea! Namely, the cherry blossom trees.


Spring brings all of the life back, all of the life that has been non-existent for the harsh months of winter. Primarily among that life are the famously beautiful cherry blossom trees. Many people travel to Asia with the sole reason of seeing these trees and I honestly can’t blame them. After a long and hard winter, they make you feel like everything will be happy and fun again. Seoul feels like a completely new city!


It is amazing how just having blossoming flowers can make a city feel like a completely new place. It no longer feels dreary or sad (as the winter can often make it feel). Rather it feels alive, exciting, and fun. So far I haven’t had the chance to go and view the famous cherry blossom locations. However, even just seeing them in the streets is amazing!


It seems like the blossoms have only been here for a week, but they can already be seen blowing to the ground (making for some amazing photos and videos I must add!). I’m not sure how much longer they will be around for, but I will make sure to share some more photos and maybe videos soon!

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  • Ethan Brooke

    Thank you for the kind words! I am trying my best to show both the good and bad. What dramas are your favourites?

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