Spring is always one of the most beautiful seasons. However, this is especially true in Asia due to the stunning cherry blossoms.

  • Naksan park blossoming in spring

    5 Must Visit Parks in Seoul

    It can be hard to find nature in the urban jungle of Seoul. However, Seoul has some amazing parks! While this list is hardly exhaustive, I wanted to cover some of the in Seoul that everyone should visit. From famous parks such as Olympic Park to lesser known parks such as Naksan Park, these are 5 of the must visit parks in Seoul. Naksan Park One of the most underrated parks in Seoul is also one of the best! Reasons to visit Naksan Park: Close to Dongdaemun and central to northern Seoul. One of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Seoul in spring. Stunning views over the city.…

  • 16 2 1140x746 - Seoul's Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

    Seoul’s Grand Plan. Seoullo 7017

    One of Seoul’s newest, biggest, and most beautiful attractions is Seoullo 7017. Originally a highway, the structure was found to be dangerous and engineers deemed it unsafe for use after 2015. The plan was to destroy the highway, however, when the new mayor was elected, the plan was changed to instead ‘renovate’ the highway. The number 7017 represents the year on which the highway was created (1970), and the year it was turned into Seoullo 7017, 2017. You can enter the structure from many different locations, with different staircases and ramps leading up from the streets below. Once on the actual structure, there is an amazing view to behold. The…

  • 1 5 1140x760 - The Best Beach in Korea?

    The Best Beach in Korea?

    I’ve visited a few beaches in Korea, but I have always been quite underwhelmed by the experience and beauty of them. Whether muddy or overly crowded there has always been something that put me off enough to make me not want to visit again (although admittedly I have only been to beaches within a few hours of Seoul). Enter Sokcho! Sokcho is arguably the nicest beach (in my opinion it is the nicest!) within day-trip reach of Seoul. It is about two and a half hours away and costs about $40 for a round trip on the bus. The buses are very comfortable (Korea does transport the best out of…

  • DSC3898 1140x641 - Naksan Mountain!

    Naksan Mountain!

    Following my recent adventures in Hyehwa (the northern area of Seoul) I have discovered a lot of new areas that I never knew about before. After visiting the Flower cafe on Wednesday, we decided to go for a walk to the nearby mountain Naksan. Naksan is located between Hyehwa and Hanseong university stations and provides a great break from the city, while still being very central and easy to access. The mountain is an easy 20-30 minute walk from Hyehwa station with a few steep areas, but otherwise pretty moderate walking conditions. Visiting in Spring is an amazing time as it means that all of the cherry blossoms will be out and…

  • DSC3825 1140x684 - Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

    Cotton Candy Drinks and Beautiful Flowers!

    As with everything, there are a lot of totally mediocre and average cafes out there. Very few are surprising or even astounding, but today I went to one such cafe! Flower cafes are a common type of cafe in Seoul as there often isn’t as much nature outdoors that can be seen easily. There especially aren’t many places you can go to see wide varieties of flowers and plant-life anyway! Flower cafes have sprung up to try and fill this gap, creating places where you can go to enjoy a drink of tea or coffee and see (and smell) a variety of flowers and plants. While they are often a…

  • 3 1 1140x583 - Exploring at 1am!

    Exploring at 1am!

    Exceptional boredom and a want to always be trying to do something useful drives me to do some interesting things at times. Tonight I had a totally random theory that I wanted to prove. This is one of my many adventures exploring Seoul! I have a ‘secret’ path from my home to university. While it may not really be secret, it is a place known by few, and used by even fewer. People are often scared to explore. I don’t know why, but they find their routine and they never change it. Maybe they think this road will lead to X destination, but they never test it. Especially if you…

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    Spring Has Come to Korea!

    It seems like it was barely a month ago that it was snowing… Oh wait, it did snow less than a month ago… Anyway, since then the weather has become rapidly warmer and now every day usually hovers around 20 degrees (Celsius!). This is probably the best time of the year as it won’t be long before it becomes too hot and everyone is begging for the cold weather to come back! But besides the weather, there are also some other beautiful things happening in Korea! Namely, the cherry blossom trees.   Spring brings all of the life back, all of the life that has been non-existent for the harsh…


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