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The Best Perks of Living in Korea!

It’s easy to search Google and find out lots of information about living in Korea. You can figure out what places you want to visit, how much it will cost you to live here, and what the culture is like. But there are so many small things that are often overlooked. With that thinking, I decided I wanted to make a post on the perks of living in South Korea. The small things you may or may not know, but things that you will really appreciate.

I couldn’t write this post by myself though. I came up with about two perks and then my brain just froze! So I decided to ask my followers and some other bloggers to help me make this collaboration post. There were many ideas I would never have thought of, and I feel that this list is quite comprehensive. With that, let’s get started!

Perks of Living in South Korea

The convenience stores are open 24/7 and have nearly anything you could ever want!

Convenience Stores that are Actually Convenient!

It’s easy to take convenience stores in Korea for granted. After all, they’re on practically every other corner of every city in the country and open 24 hours a day. But don’t discount how truly painless they make life here. Convenience stores in Korea are stocked with everything under the sun. You can find pharmacy items, skincare, technology items, and lingerie as well as the usual snacks and drinks. But they play many other roles as well. They act like a post office, bank, bar, cafe and restaurant all at once. You can pay your bills, mail packages domestically and internationally, buy and reload your T-money card, get hot or cold coffee, snacks and even full meals.

Many stores have tables and chairs set up outside their doors, where you can sit and spend a warm summer evening, chatting with friends. There are no open-container laws, so you can buy your alcohol in-store and enjoy it right outside. It’s truly the most affordable bar you’ll find in Korea. A few stores in Seoul have been updated to be even MORE convenient. They have food corners where a dosirak can be ordered and made fresh on the spot, toasters to make DIY sandwiches, areas to eat in privacy using dividing partitions, freshly brewed drip coffee starting at 500 KRW per cup, and free charging stations with plugs and USB outlets.

This perk was submitted by Shelley of She has a fantastic blog that I would recommend checking out if you want to learn more about Korea!

Proximity to other Countries!

Many exciting destinations can be reached within a few hours of flying time. Places like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau, and Guam make for great long weekend vacations. Other notable spots for travelers out of Korea with direct flights  – Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, The Philippines. No jet lag, no problem!

This perk was submitted by Alla Ponomareva of She also has a great blog that covers many topics including Korea. Check it out!

Public WiFi!

No matter where you go in Korea, you will find a large amount of WiFi hotspots available. The best bit? There is usually free WiFi too! Whether you are in the street, subway, or a cafe, there is always WiFi available. Every train is equipped with WiFi, and it’s always possible to remain connected.

World Class Public Transport!

If you thought that the transport was only good in the big cities, think again! Rebecca had this to say. ‘I currently live in the North Jeolla province. I know everyone raves about Korea’s public transportation in Seoul/Busan. However, it’s still true in smaller cities and towns. I don’t have a car, and can get around town easily with only the bus. Also, since Naver maps now has an English interface, it’s easy to take buses in new cities where I don’t know the area well.’

This perk was submitted by Rebecca Newman @becs_newman.

I have been to South Korea twice.. One of the perks of travelling in the country is the awesome public transportation. Easy access, hard to get lost.

This perk was submitted by Laldinpuii Vangchhia @dii65

Seoul transportation system is perfect in my view (the same works for entire Korea). Really love it. Also, I really enjoy network of convenience stores. Delivery service is also great.

This perk was submitted by Ilya Merkulov @ilyasirius

It’s true that Seoul never sleeps…

The City that Never Sleeps!

Marieke wanted to add that Seoul is always alive and had this to say. ‘I’d say a major perk is Seoul’s liveliness, day and night. Compared to The Netherlands, nightlife is much more exciting as convenient stores, restaurants, bars and clubs stay open until late at night. People tend to go out later, chill outside, or just have dinner with friends at 11pm. It’s a flexibility and social experience that I often miss after living in Seoul for half a year.’

This perk was submitted by Marieke Schmidt @mariekeschm 

Julian also agreed about the nightlife and said ‘I was in Seoul 4 months (I don’t know if you can call that living there) and it’s amazing I love it. The best for sure how lively is the city, the crazy crowded and always open everything is, plus the lights! It was like always daytime. The subway is amazing and the food just perfect, the Koreans wonderful people and great to party!’

This perk was submitted by Julian Gastellou @juliangadu

24 Hour Entertainment!

It doesn’t matter if you get bored in Korea as there is always something to do. You can go drinking, singing, eating, partying, walking, well you can do pretty much anything really, at 3am. Karaoke rooms (노라방) are open all night and let you sing your heart out at any hour of the day. Cafes and restaurants that are open all night can be easily found, and it’s not weird to go for a midnight walk!

Drinking? Anytime!

This is an interesting perk, but something that is very true. Drinking culture in Korea is a big part of life, and many people will be drinking any night (and any time) of the week! Jane Kim said this: ‘The fact that no one judges you for drinking at any time of the week – whether it’s a Monday or a Wednesday’

This perk was submitted by Jane Kim @JanekimJiyeon

Are there any perks you would add? Let me know down below, and I’ll be sure to add them to the post. Questions and comments are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to ask.



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