Ttukseom Resort Sunset
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The Best Sunset in Seoul

Recently I got the chance to visit Ttukseom Resort Station to watch the sunset. I must say, I wasn’t expecting anything special initially… It is the Han River, it is always picturesque! However, it was more than that. I would go as far as to say that it is the best sunset in Seoul.

Ttukseom is a popular Han River location, and as such it has a lot of activities other than just watching the sunset. There are bikes and other rides for hire, food stalls, and often events. The night my girlfriend and I visited there was a Green Peace exhibition happening.

This photo was taken from J-Bug (which you can read about a bit further down) looking out towards the river. The reflections are breathtaking!

If you can speak a basic level of Korean (along with some hand gestures and such), it is quite easy to hire a bike via an app. Biking along the Han is one of the most overlooked yet fun things to do in Seoul. Furthermore, it is exceptionally easy and cheap to hire a bike and take it for a ride! Often times, you don’t even need to return the bike to the same location. There are usually more convenient places to return them along your way!

Hungry? Well, you’re in luck! The convenience store at Ttukseom Resort has enough to keep everyone happy. It isn’t the best food (it is convenience store food after all), however, it is definitely not bad either. If you are interested in something different, there are also many different food stalls that vary depending on the time. In short, food is easy to find and Ttukseom is a great picnic location.

Setting Sun Behind Namsan Tower

The sun setting behind Namsan Tower. What more can you ask for? This is the reason that I love this location for watching the sunset.

On to the sunset! As I said at the start of this article, I think that this is the best sunset in Seoul. Not only can it be enjoyed while picnicking, but also while riding a bike or strolling along the river. The sun sets right behind Namsan from Ttukseom Resort and it really makes for a fantastically beautiful photo opportunity.

Once the sun goes down the river reflections can keep any photographer happy. This is definitely a place that anyone who loves taking photos should visit! There are a few common locations around the resort that have been photographed often, but there are also some very unique and stunning views to find if you look around.

After Dark

After the sun goes down more events usually begin. Everything from movie screenings to small-scale shows begins to take place. I would highly recommend checking each night’s events on Google so you can plan the perfect evening out. Jabeolle (also called J-Bug) is a building that has many different cultural works and you can easily spend a while learning inside the futuristic-looking building.

This is by far one of my favourite images now. Taken just before the sun fully set, this is yet another view you can see at Ttukseom Resort!

Even in winter, it is worth visiting. Events run year-round, and you will be able to sled and skate if you visit at the right time! Really Ttukseom Resort has something for everyone.

So what do you think? Do you think that Ttukseom Resort Station has the best sunset in Seoul? Even if you don’t agree, I’m sure that everyone can agree that it is a stunning location to watch the sun go down!

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Sunsets in Seoul

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