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The Most Eerie Place in the World! Korean DMZ

Eerie. If I had to describe this place in one word, eerie is the word I would use. The first thing you notice is the deafening silence… Deafening except for the patriotic North Korean music coming across the border.

This was my second time visiting the border, but these thoughts still struck me instantly as I stepped outside of the tour bus. I think that I could visit there twenty times and still have this feeling of amazement at how it feels.

In the distance, you can see the town of Kaesong, a town where efforts to reunite the Koreas have been made in the past through a joint industrial complex. These practices reached a rather abrupt end though as South Korea pulled the workers out after further nuclear tests a few years ago.



It seems so empty over there, so dead. Maybe it’s because Kaesong is so close to South Korea, but it’s basically empty. You can’t see anything moving there except for some flags flying in the sky.

The eerie feeling is only added to when you know that those hills in the distance hide thousands of weapons and artillery pieces that are always aimed at Seoul.


The cause of the DMZ is a terrible thing. However, it has had some positive effects on the wildlife of the area. A nature reserve has now been formed in the DMZ due to the lack of people.

There are actually tunnels under this area too… Tiny (but long) tunnels that the North Koreans dug in case of an invasion. While I can’t possibly imagine many people getting through such small spaces fast, I guess they think it’s a good way to support an invasion.

This is definitely one of the weirdest places I have ever been. I can’t really describe the feeling that surrounds this place, and I wouldn’t call it pleasant or unpleasant. Just… Weird. If you get the chance to come to South Korea, the DMZ is a must-visit place! It is an easy trip from Seoul and can be done in a single day, or even afternoon.

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